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Sexy,Cute, Beautiful Anime Girls

Group Rules!


Welcome to our group BestOfAnimeGirls!

Our group aims to provide to you, the member, a continuous supply of the best of anime girls artwork out there in deviantArt to help you; get inspired, visually learn and understand the many techniques to help improve your own artwork! This group does provide very high standard artwork, however don't be shy to submit your own art too, however it will go through a voting process! :meow: This is a digital group only so no traditional art please unless it is in the Novice folder (which accepts both as well as all levels of art)! You may submit 1 artwork per folder per week so please chose your best artwork! More information about the history and ideas of our group can be found here…
Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy our group!

Questions and answers:
:bulletpink: How to Join
:bulletpink: How to submit to each folder
:bulletpink: What we accept/decline
:bulletpink: Which folder to submit to?
:bulletpink: My artwork got declined
:bulletpink: I want to promote my commissions/contest
:bulletpink: I want to affiliate my group with you

Contests & Commissions

:target:Here is a selection of the best contest/commissions out there!:target:

Prize Key: Points :points:, DA membership :dalogo:, Llamas :star:, Physical prize :pride:, favs :+fav:, Commission :damphyr:


:bulletpink:Princess Project Draw an OC princess. Winners art printed in an artbook! theprincessproject.deviantart.… :star:31st July:star:

:bulletpink: Choose an OC and one of 2 themes! 1st place $120… :star: 5th October :star:

:bulletpink:OC Contest Draw beng-beng-chan OC 1300:points: to be won!… :star:10th October :star:

:bulletpink: please contact us if you know of a contest that needs promotion! :bulletpink:

Currently accepting Commissions:


Latest Favourite Artists

Gallery Folders

Contest List- updated 19.07.2014

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 7:21 AM
Hello Wonderful members! I feel we do not inform you enough of the wonderful opportunities out there to showcase your art, and just have fun through the means of participating in a contest!
So today we have 2 special super fun exciting contests/projects to inform you of!

:bulletpink::star:Princess Project:star::bulletpink:

Draw an OC princess (i.e. no fanart allowed or existing OC)

:bulletpink: It must be fantasty/part human/ humanoid themes
:bulletpink: Give your princess a name, theme and location
:bulletpink: Visual art ONLY, but both traditional and digital is allowed
:bulletpink: Deadline 31st July 2014

:bulletpink: Your work will be printed in their special artbook! :meow:
:bulletpink: You will receive membership to their group :icontheprincessproject:
:bulletpink: You can sell the books in your shop/ at cons etc
:bulletpink: Approx A4 Princess Project print mailed to you :woohoo::nuu:

Check out the full rules and more information here theprincessproject.deviantart.… ! Please do not post questions below as we do not run the contest! ^^;

Here's the second of our unique contests!:

:bulletpink::star: Draw my OC contest!:star::bulletpink:

Draw her OC Sayuri or Sakura

:bulletpink: Traditional, Digital or pixel art only
:bulletpink: You can submit 2 entries, but only win 1 prize
:bulletpink: You must write a journal to promote the contest
:bulletpink: Deadline: 10/10/2014

:bulletpink: 1st place 1000:points:
:bulletpink: 2nd place 200 :points:
:bulletpink: 3rd place 100 :points:
:bulletpink: Prizes go up to 10th place, and they receive commission prizes :woohoo:

Check out the full rules and more information here… ! Please do not post questions below as we do not run the contest! ^^;

Phew! There you go! I hope some of you here will participate in these amazing opportunities should you have the time, it's not often you could get your artwork published in a book, or participate in a contest that has 10 prizes! So give it a go, have fun and should you get stuck for inspiration, our group BestOfAnimeGirls always has plenty of inspiration in our folders, and tutorials in our resource folder!

Good luck! :D

Here is our newest contest which we are promoting!

:bulletpink: Draw one of their three OCs as well as one of their two themes
:bulletpink: Themes are: Ice Cream Variety and Master and Apprentice
:bulletpink: Deadline October 5th 2014

:bulletpink: 1st Place $100/ $120 depending on which theme you choose (and much more prizes!)
:bulletpink: 2nd Place $50/ $70 depending on which theme you choose (and much more prizes!)

For full details go to the contest page here:… or get in contact with the contest manager :iconrootrotthefirst:

Wow, some big prizes here! Best of luck should you enter!

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More groups that may be of interest in relation to my own! teeheehee!
please support them also!



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LunarFireFox Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Hi! My friend and I both wanted to submit a collab we did together here, would that be ok or go against the 100% done by yourself rule?
yupon Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Good question!
Hmmm I do believe we tend to not accept collabs....but there's probably been a few exceptions in the past for artwork we feel is really inspirational for our members!!
Give it a shot, if it's declined it might be partly for that reason....but mostly we decline based on whether it matches the standard level of artwork we accept here! ^_^
Hope this has answered your question okay! 
- yupon (founder)
chiaki888 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Thanks for having me! :)
yupon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome to the group! ^_^ :meow:
chiaki888 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
MikanchanOwO Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hi ^^ I'm new here :3
yupon Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome to the group Mikanchan! :D
Remember to read our rules and info about the group before submitting! ^_^
We hope you will enjoy our group!
If you have any more questions feel free to get in contact with me!
- yupon (founder)
MikanchanOwO Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Thank you so much! This group is amazing! I'm Turkish so my English is bad. But I'll try my best!
MissyBebot-x Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  New member
I want to join :/
yupon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome to join! If you are unsure how to join, under the big 'welcome' sign, there should be a link to a blog called 'how to join'!
If you have any problems, let us know!
best of luck! :D
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